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what's with the name

You would think that the last thing a guy who weighed 380lbs would want is one more ounce of fat!

More about Jay

When I started out on my goal to loose 200 pounds I came across 1lb. and 5lb. models of anatomically correct body fat. Thinking that it may inspire me to lose weight I bought a 1lb. piece of fat. I thought of it as a novelty that I would get some enjoyment out of. But when I picked it up two thoughts converged almost instantly.

One, was the original inspiration for the name "mypetfat", and the other thought was that this was a great visual reminder and motivator to help me stay on track. We always hear about fat, and we imagine it on our bodies, but to have fat next to you at the dinner table is quite another thing. Finally, I had a face to my foe!

I started keeping it with me and I noticed how conscious I was about my food choices. In fact the funny thing that happened was that the more I handled it and kept the fat in clear view, the more aware I became of what and how much I was eating. Without going on any specific "diet" I started to notice the pounds dropping, just through being more conscious of my thoughts and choices before I ate anything.

That success inspired me to get the 5lb. piece of fat and boy what a shock when I saw and felt what 5 lbs. of fat looked like. Friends and family were always amazed when they saw the fat, "is that what that much fat looks like, are you sure?" It seems so funny that we all are so concerned about how much we weigh or how much we need or should lose but for whatever reason people really are surprised to see what the fat really looks like.

Needless to say carrying around a 1lb and 5lb piece of fat can be a little challenging, so when I found I could get a 1oz. piece of fat itís been by my side ever since. So what started out as a novelty has become a life-changing tool.

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